Treatment for sweating of groin

The groin can also be prone to focal hyperhidrosis and this area of the body is particularly rich in sweat glands. It is uncertain how many people suffer from this focal hyperhidrosis, but sweating in the groin area can be very distressing and embarrassing and although the groin is prone to sweating, some people sweat excessively in this area, which can affect the way they live their lives.

Is there a cause?

There has been no specific cause found for this particular form of excessive sweating but, if you experience excessive sweating in the groin, arrange to see your doctor, so they can offer advice and find the treatment best suited to you.

Treatment for groin sweating

The individual build of a person has been linked to excessive groin sweating, with those of heavier proportions being more likely to suffer, so your first step towards alleviating the problem may be to change your diet to aid weight loss.

Your doctor may also prescribe specific antiperspirants for the treatment of excessive sweating of the groin, but if this does not work they may suggest other treatments.

Botox is the most commonly used treatment for excessive sweating in the groin. Botox is a protein that binds to the nerves, reducing the amount of sweat produced. It is injected using fine needles, which are inserted into the problem area and the results last for between 4 and 8 months, but after this period of time, the treatment must be repeated. Botox injections may be painful in this area of the body and therefore it is advisable to be sedated.

If this is unsuccessful you doctor may recommend retrodermal suction curettage, which involves scraping the area where the sweat is produced excessively and removing it through small holes. This will be carried out under anaesthesia and there are a number of possible side effects due to the area of the procedure.